At British American Tobacco we have a unique mix of people from many cultures and backgrounds.

We are one of the world’s most international businesses with a portfolio of globally recognised brands, a culture having a diverse range of people who support each other’s success creates a unique mix. We call it bringing your difference. Our differences are balanced by a common view on our industry – we support the freedom to choose – and that philosophy runs throughout our business.

Being free to discuss and debate means we develop our business in exciting ways and give individuals their voice. Empowering teams creates fresh ideas and different experiences. That’s why, if you have the talent and motivation to help us succeed, you’ll find we are just as committed to helping you reach your full potential.


British American Tobacco is an exciting place to be.

Our marketplace is fast moving and ever changing. There are responsibilities and challenges, but also great opportunities and to meet them we look for people who are adaptable and forward thinking. You’ll find a culture that is supportive of your ideas and will encourage you to achieve your goals.

Developing a winning organisation is a key part of our strategy to achieve our vision of leading the global tobacco industry.

While each of our Group companies must take account of local labour law and practice and their local political, economic and cultural context, they are all committed to these Employment Principles and are required to demonstrate that they are embedding them in the workplace.

We think people want to be inspired and challenged by what they do. If you agree then British American Tobacco could be the company for you.

At British American Tobacco you’ll find the freedom to discuss and debate your ideas and the empowerment to develop our business in exciting ways. In short, your fresh ideas and unique differences help to keep us sharp, innovative and ahead of the game.

As a truly international company, with over 55,000 employees across the world, when we say Bring Your Difference, we really mean it.

Our Employment Principles

Key to our culture are a set of consistent and fair minded employment principles which apply to all our operations.

  • Equality of opportunity and a diverse and representative workforce
  • Internal communications and the free flow of ideas
  • Respect for both freedom of association and non-association
  • Fairness and dignity at work
  • We do not condone or employ child labour
  • Bonded or involuntary labour is unacceptable
  • Responsibility for one’s own performance
  • Mutual responsibility for environment, health and safety
  • Constructive contribution to the development of employees and communities where our companies operate
  • Personal development and learning
  • Workplace well-being
  • Fair, clear and competitive remuneration and benefits