When you join British American Tobacco (BAT), you become part of an international family.

A huge and multifaceted organisation of over 50,000 individuals whose passion drives our business in over 200 markets worldwide.

We are so successful because we are so strong. And we are so strong because every one of our people adds something different, something only they could give. Our ability to tap into and harness these differences is what sets us apart in one of the world’s most highly regulated industries.

Few global organisations possess our strength. Even fewer could thrive, as we do, on the challenges that working in our industry presents us with daily. We work hard to create a sustainable future, and that brings the sort of opportunities which make a career with us so singular and rewarding.

For those who know their own mind, and who know where they want to go and why, we can offer them a future that is full of opportunities.

Culture and diversity

We operate in one of the world’s toughest marketplaces, and we lead the way because of the extraordinary mix of people who choose to join us.

And when we say ‘mix’, we mean it. Because, despite our scale, our people routinely share their skills and knowledge to get the best results – whatever their job and wherever they’re based. Ours is a culture of pure collaboration, and it’s the reason we’re as strong and successful as we are.


Few companies are as naturally diverse as BAT. It takes a truly varied and vibrant workforce to serve customers in over 200 markets. That’s why we hire people from so many backgrounds and all our employment decisions are made without regard to things like race, gender, age, social class, religion, sexual orientation, politics, disabilities or marital status.

Everyone brings their own unique perspective, their own skills and experiences, and their own energies and passion. It’s these differences that make us as strong as we are, and which allow us to understand what matters to our consumers around the world.

But we can be better. We’re focused on getting more women into roles that influence the direction we take as an organisation. We’re increasing workforce representation, too, with people from many more nationalities securing senior management positions.

Ultimately, we make decisions based on merit, because we only want to recruit the best. So, while we’re constantly trying to become an ever more diverse and inclusive organisation, talent will always be our first consideration.

Our values

We call them our Guiding Principles. They define what we stand for and give us all a compass for how to think, act and behave at work.

  • Enterprising spirit – we pursue growth passionately while accepting the entrepreneurial risk that comes with it. We are bold and strive to overcome challenges.
  • Freedom through responsibility – we always strive to do the right thing for society and use our freedom to act in the best interest of consumers.
  • Open minded – we’re a forward-looking company that takes on board social changes and different perspectives. We’re always open to new ways of doing things.
  • Strength from diversity – we respect and celebrate each other’s differences, we enjoy working together and we value what makes each of us unique.